"I always knew there was something different, and yet spent all of my time trying to fit in and be the same as everyone else. When I realised I could change anything - that is exactly what I did!"

Brendon Watt is a successful International Speaker, facilitator of the Choice Of Possibilities classes worldwide, a set of simple-yet-profound tools currently transforming lives in 176 countries, and the facilitator of several special Access programs including Access Bars®, Relationships Done DifferentConscious Parenting Conscious Kids, and Joy of Business



Australian anomaly, Brendon Watt, lives with an outrageous demand for an ever-expanding life and a tenacious desire to change the world.  


Growing up, Brendon always recognized the ‘difference’ in himself, yet he spent most of his time trying to fit into expectations. After decades of conformity, broke and unhappy, living as a single dad in a tiny room in his mother’s home with his four-year-old child, he asked for change. 

It was soon after this that, he discovered the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness and made the choice to change his life for the better. 

Today, Brendon’s life looks very different. He is now known worldwide for his intense kindness and awe-inspiring facilitation. His classes and workshops empower others to know they are not wrong, that anything is possible, and that they are just one choice away from change.


Brendon has investments across the world including a castle in Italy, biodynamic land development in Costa Rica, and an Antique Guild in Australia. He is a leading facilitator and speaker with Access Consciousness, a global empowerment company in 176 countries. 


His first book, Relationship: Are You Sure You Want One? co-authored with Simone Milasas is an international best-seller, available in seven languages. 

Find Brendon every week on his podcast "One Choice from Change" on iTunes, on Amazon, and on the Access Consciousness® website.