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How much do you look to others to determine the choices you have available? 

What if you have choices available that others don’t,  and far beyond what anyone else can make?

Do you ever feel like the round peg in the square hole, or the square peg in the round hole?
Me too!

I always knew there must be more possible, but when I didn’t see others choosing it I began giving  up the magic for what was more acceptable to others. 

That was until…

At my first Choice For Possibilities class with Gary Douglas I heard him talk about how your life is the sum total of every single choice you made. If I could choose to be limited then I could make different choices.

When I realised I could change anything,  that’s exactly what I did…

 The truth is I have always been a Misfit. How about you?

I have come to discover that choice can always be about a greater possibility rather than being about the result.


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