Misfits Guide To Bodies

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What if change with your body could be completely different to what you think is possible?

Imagine waking up each day thinking, wow, my world feels different. 

And that began to be something that grew and expanded in your life.

One of the things I realized, for me, the things that stick me the most and stick me with my body the most are the things that I've somehow made significant.

They're the things that you've decided, are not going to change, or this is real, this is significant. And that significance alone keeps your point of view in place that doesn't allow it to change. 

You might find yourself wondering HOW but…

What if it truly was the opposite of what it appears to be? And what if it could begin to show up in a way that just made no sense at all?

Welcome to the adventure of being a misfit with your body!

What's Included?

  • Audio & Video Recordings

Available in: English | Spanish | Portuguese | Turkish 

$120.00 USD

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