What would it be like if everything that’s not working in your life right now was actually changeable?


What if you could have ease with parenting in this new normal?


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The Parents Anonymous

Brendon has been facilitating classes on parenting for the last decade using the tools of Access Consciousness that have allowed him and his son to be empowered and thrive beyond financial hardship, separation, and even puberty!

Susanna has joyfully taken on the role of friend and "bonus mum" to her boyfriend's beautiful teenage girl. She also creates with her own parents in a unique and dynamic way.

Megan is mum to an energetic young boy who inspires her to create more and be more every day. She is able to keep him entertained and happy every day while she works from home running the marketing for Access Consciousness.

Emily has two vivacious little girls who have watched her go from being a school teacher to a business woman who travels the globe and works from her laptop running teams around the world.

Julia had three kids added to her life several years ago when she got married, and has created successul, caring and dynamic relationships with them!

Max lives in Europe and has two young kids who live in Australia. They often travel the world with him and his wife, and he managed to see them once during Covid when he made the trip to Oz and was one of the few people able to leave the country again :)

Katarina is a single mum to an ambitious and confident young lady. She works around the clock helping run the Communications for Access Consciousness and has managed to juggle this with family life since her daughter was very young.

Gary Douglas is the Founder of Access Consciousness and looks at everything from a different place... including parenting! He has 4 adult children and has facilitated thousands of people around the world on how to empower your kids to have choice and possibilities in their life.

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