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How much do you judge yourself with every choice you make?

When you can get out of right and wrong with choices, you can start seeing that you have choices available that nobody else has. And you can create a future that nobody else can create.

In this program I would like people to get to the place where they can start creating not only their lives today but the future they haven’t even considered yet based on the choices that they have available. ~Brendon Watt

*Prerequisite of Foundation required*

This is an 8 month telecall series with Brendon Watt featuring one call a month beginning April 15, 2020.

All of your call details and recordings information will be located in your own personal membership library. 

Cost: $1200 Whole Program
$150/month Automatic Monthly Subscription for 8 months

Global Pricing is available

Special discount of 20% if you have attended a Choice of Possibilities class within 12 months (applies to 100% pricing only)

Registration is a 3 step process:

1. Fill out form below and choose your language.
2. Be redirected to the Access shop to login and verify your pre-reqs.
3. You'll land on the purchase page to choose monthly or whole course pricing options where you can pay with ease.

The Goods:

  • 1 Monthly call for 8 months
  • Clearings PDF and Audio
  • private Facebook group with weekly goodies

Are you in?