Welcome to Ending the Wrestle with Normal!

How much do you wrestle daily with the idea that you’re normal, while knowing that you’re not normal, but wrestling with normal, while trying not to be normal?

What if you no longer have to fight against you?

Is it time to be the difference you are and explore the adventure of a life based on the brilliance that you are here to be?

*Prerequisite of Foundation required*

This is a 3-part telecall series with Brendon Watt beginning June 9

All of your call details and recordings information will be located in your own personal membership library. 

Cost: $350 

Global Pricing is available

Registration is a 3 step process:

1. Fill out form below and choose your language.
2. Be redirected to the Access shop to login and verify your pre-reqs.
3. You'll land on the purchase page to choose global pricing options where you can pay with ease.

The Goods:

  • 3 Zoom calls: 
    June 9,10,11 at 1PM PST
  • Clearings PDF and Audio
  • Call recording

Are you in?