Welcome To The Misfits Guide To Living!

Have you ever tried to be normal while always knowing you were different? Me too!

If you are anything like me, you too would have spent a lot of your life trying to fit, to be that square peg that would finally fit in a round hole. (I haven’t met anyone that has been successful at it yet... have you?)

My point of view is to be you in all your misfit glory.

My question to you is: What would it be like to live from the space of being you?

Let’s explore!

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About me

Growing up, I always recognised the 'difference' in me, yet I spent all my time trying to fit in and be the same as everyone else. After decades of conformity, I was a self-confessed loser, I was struggling for money and living in a tiny room in my mother's home with my four-year-old son. That’s when I discovered the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness, that’s when I made the choice to change my life for the better.
Today I am happy, on the ever-expanding and ongoing journey of possibilities – sharing and facilitating the tools that changed my reality and empowering others to know that anything is possible. 

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