Australian anomaly, Brendon Watt, lives with an outrageous demand for an ever-expanding life and a tenacious desire to change the world. He is known worldwide for his intense kindness and awe-inspiring facilitation. As an international best selling author and leading facilitator with Access Consciousness, a global empowerment company in 176 countries, he inspires people to know they are just one choice away from change. 


One Choice From Change

with Brendon Watt

You're always one choice away from change. No matter where you are in your life you can make a choice that starts changing the direction of it. Listen to conversations with guests that have a unique perspective and inspiring stories and where we give you the tools to create change in any area of your life.

What if there is nothing wrong with any of the choices you've made up until now? I'm inviting you to be aware that every choice creates something. so what will YOU choose today?

~Brendon Watt~





I still can't believe how much has changed since the Foundation class in Marseilles. I'm so grateful to you! I know you already know but want to tell you anyway! Every time I feel I start to look for reference points of how I used to be, I remember what you wrote on my book and choose to be who I truly am, whatever that is!! Thanks Dude!

- Foundation Participant

This empowered me a lot! I'm so grateful to you for showing up. I am willing to be that too now. Thank you, Brendon!

- Exposing You Evening Class Participant

WOW! Literally the most eye-opening Choice of Possibilities class I've ever been to yet! So grateful to Brendon watt and everyone who came to choose something different!

- Choice of Possibilities Participant