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Australian anomaly, Brendon Watt, lives with an outrageous demand for an ever-expanding life and a tenacious desire to change the world. He is known worldwide for his intense kindness and awe-inspiring facilitation. As an international best selling author and leading facilitator with Access Consciousness, a global empowerment company in 176 countries, he inspires people to know they are just one choice away from change. 

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I still can't believe how much has changed since the Foundation class in Marseilles. I'm so grateful to you! I know you already know but want to tell you anyway! Every time I feel I start to look for reference points of how I used to be, I remember what you wrote on my book and choose to be who I truly am, whatever that is!! Thanks Dude!

- Foundation Participant

This empowered me a lot! I'm so grateful to you for showing up. I am willing to be that too now. Thank you, Brendon!

- Exposing You Evening Class Participant

WOW! Literally the most eye-opening Choice of Possibilities class I've ever been to yet! So grateful to Brendon watt and everyone who came to choose something different!

- Choice of Possibilities Participant