You Are Not Alone

access bars access consciousness happiness suicide awareness Sep 09, 2020

9 years ago I would wake up every morning unhappy, not just unhappy but depressed. I was sad because I couldn’t see any possibilities in the world. I couldn’t see anything around me that was anything I desired to create anymore. I remember having a sense of possibilities as a kid but over the years I tried to fit in with everyone else because I couldn’t see how I could be that different in a world like this. Our world these days is based on a lot of what’s right and wrong and what you should choose or what you shouldn’t choose. None of which gives you choice


One of the things that changed a lot of this for me was recognising that I had another choice. I get that’s easy to say but when you are in one of those moments where the only way to get out of what’s going on in your life is to end it, it’s not always easy to make another choice. And I have been there too but to know that there are always other choices available is the important part to recognise, even if you don’t know what that is right now. I have learnt that no matter what’s going on, how hard it gets, how uncomfortable it gets, no matter how bad and wrong you think you are there is always another choice that you can make to change it. There are always other possibilities available. You have a different choice but you have to make the choice in order to create the change.


“There is nothing that cannot be changed if you are willing to make a different choice”


We often look for people to see us. Nobody seems to see us for who we really are; they see us how they want to see us or who we have decided we are. People are not going to see you for who you actually are. If you're not looking for other people to see you, you can start to acknowledge you for who you actually are. 


“Who is it that I’d like to choose to be here?”

If you or someone in your life is having a hard time start asking ok what other choices do I have available today to change this? You don’t have to search for it or figure out what that choice is. With that question you are going to start allowing that energy in your life to change. 


I literally thought I was the most pathetic person in the whole world and everyone would be better off if I was no longer in it. Was that really my point of view or was I actually being aware of what goes on for a lot of people on this planet? 99.9 % of all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that come into your world do not belong to you.  Have you ever walked into a room and known someone was upset and you got upset like them in order to fix it for them? Let’s say you live on a planet where 50% of people are depressed, could any of the depression you are aware of not be yours? 


“Is this actually mine or who does this belong to?”


You are not wrong for any of what you are aware of and have you ever noticed that when you make yourself wrong for something it just gets heavier and heavier? Is it actually true that you are wrong or is that something we have been taught to do when things are not working in our lives? You're not wrong or bad, you have created a situation that you can either choose to change or not. Choosing to end your life is a choice, something we can choose at any moment but is that truly what you wish to choose?


Look at your future in five years and ask if I choose this, what’s my life going to be like in five years time? Notice the energy that question brings up. Now ask if I don’t choose this what’s my life going to be like in five years time? And notice the energy that brings up? By doing this you start to recognise what your choice is going to create in the future. 


Could you as a being ever actually die or do you just kill your body with suicide? If you choose to get out of this world to solve a problem, are you going to have to keep solving that problem without a body? Is that really what you want to choose? 


“It’s your life and it’s your choice!”


My top the tools for creating a different possibility are:

  1. Asking who does this belong to? For every thought feeling and emotion
  2. What’s right about this and what's right about me I’m not getting?
  3. Find someone who can run the Access Bars® and have them do a session with you.