What Choices Are You Making?

choice Jan 11, 2021

Do you ever find yourself coming up with reasons and justification for everything you choose? Like, if you would like to buy a new car…you’ll make a list of reasons why you need one and justify it with pros and cons? What if you could choose anything, for the fun of it?

Over the last few years I’ve begun facilitating classes around the world called Choice of Possibilities. It’s a 3-day class all about choice and how you create with every choice you make! From those classes, one of the biggest stopping points I see people facing is how they constantly evaluate every choice they make to determine if it was a good or bad choice. They look to the reasons and justifications for why they’ve chosen something as though if they understand why they made the choice it will create something greater.

What if you didn’t look at a choice you’ve made as anything more than just a choice? If you recognized you create with every choice you make, do you think you could choose again to change it? What is it you’re choosing? What is it you’d like to be choosing? What awareness are you avoiding? How honest are you willing to get with you?


Reasons and justifications are two ways we limit what we can choose. This is where we maintain the judgment in our world by trying to get our life right. Most people don’t want to imagine a world of possibilities because it’s unpredictable. When you acknowledge the power of your choices you cannot reason, justify or control what the result will be. How many choices in your life have you made based on making the right choice, to get the right result to prove that you are not wrong?

If you can recognize that every choice creates awareness then you can have the awareness. If you go to the judgment of the choice, you’ll never get the awareness, you’ll only get the judgment.

Have you ever had a situation and you knew exactly how it was going to turn out? How many times when you know it’s going to create less do you choose it anyways and function from, “I know it won’t work out but I can make it work?” How many reasons and justifications were you using in that situation to prove you could handle it? What if you were willing to acknowledge what you knew and you didn’t have to think about what you should choose? How much do you use reason and justification in order to not choose? How many limitations does that maintain?


What if the limitations we all have in our lives could be the biggest gifts of change on this planet? We’ve been saying for years that everything you’ve been told is wrong about you, or think is wrong with you, is what’s strong about you. In every wrongness there is a strength. What if you get vulnerable with it?

If we were willing to be vulnerable with our limitations, and lowered our walls and barriers to them, we can truly begin to unlock the capacities we’ve been hiding. From this place we truly take ourselves out of self-interest. You would think that bringing up your own problem that you think is selfish would be selfish. The only way it becomes self-interest is when you put the walls and barriers up that do not allow change. Self-interest is created by not being vulnerable with it.

If you’re being vulnerable with that, you are the most courageous people on the planet. It’s not about changing everything that’s wrong with you. It’s about embracing it. I get frustrated with the way people treat themselves by thinking if they finally get their lives right they will treat themselves better. I’ve never seen it work. It’s only happened when they embrace every part of themselves.


What’s left to do once you acknowledge that choice creates, you get out of justifying every choice and your vulnerable with your limitations? To get honest with you. To expose to yourself everything you’ve been hiding from you. When you’re honest with you your choices are unlimited. There is nothing you cannot have if you are willing to ask for it and make the demand of you to do and be whatever it takes. The best part is when you have honesty with yourself you don’t only change it with you, you open the door for everyone who is willing to have it.

Find out more about choice and how it might be easier than you think, as well as upcoming Choice of Possibilities classes with Brendon here.