What If You Are Worth Living For?

access consciousness change choice happiness Mar 26, 2021

12 years ago, before I discovered the tools of Access Consciousness®, there was nothing about me that I would have said was miraculous. I was a tradesman working every day in Australia to keep food on the table and a roof over the heads of my son and I. Then, there were times I worried if I could even do that. I didn’t believe I was worth anything. I didn’t believe the world had anything to offer. I didn’t believe I had anything to offer the world. Every choice I made was a calculated action to get me one step closer to the perfect image that I thought I needed to be.

How many times have you had that? You wake up in the morning feeling like there is nothing you can do, nothing you can change and nothing worth living for…

What if YOU were worth living for? And…what if you didn’t have to get your life right to start enjoying it?

Here are a few things that I’ve used to move from dreading my life to enjoying it:


Do you go through life creating a mental checklist of the pros, cons and all possible outcomes of a choice before you choose? When you’re finished with that checklist, do you choose? How much time do you spend trying to make the right choice, which results in you making no choice in the end?

More often than not people spend more hours thinking about what they could choose than they do actually choosing. It’s a constant calibration to create whatever amount of rightness and not wrongness you’d like to have in your life. It’s a set of scales that will never balance because if you need to be right, you’ve already decided that you are most definitely wrong.

Would you like to change that? If you said yes here is a question you could ask for every choice you're making: If there was no right and no wrong, what would I choose?


If you are someone out there who is making choices you may notice that it’s easy to enjoy your choices when they work out exactly as you want, but what about when they don’t?

What if you didn’t judge your choices or you? What if you were willing to trust you enough to know that in the moment you chose, you were aware? With every choice comes awareness and the number one way to limit it is through judgment. But if you took 5 minutes right now and had a look at your life, is there any choice that you made that resulted in an outcome that you truly couldn’t handle? Probably not!

So, what if you just relaxed and started to enjoy your choices? Whether it’s the choice to be greater, smaller, happy, mad, depressed, or anything else you might choose…enjoy it! The way I see it, life is too short to waste it judging you.


Talking about miracles and being miraculous is a topic that I’m just beginning to explore for myself. Even defining what a miracle is would actually limit it because in truth it’s the lack of defining it that allows it to be miraculous. Think about a time when something seemingly “just happened.” Can you recall what you were being, doing or thinking? Were you asking for something to take place or just idly waiting?

If you are being brutally honest with yourself, my guess is you weren’t thinking anything, but you asked for it and made a choice to be or do whatever was required to allow it to show up. It’s a real-life example of ask and receive. That ability is one of many that is available when you are truly being the miracle you are.

So, what would happen if you came out of the judgment of yourself and began to acknowledge the strengths of you? Would you actually be willing to acknowledge the miracle that you truly be and are?


If you didn’t think, would you be a miracle? If you didn’t judge, would you be a miracle?

Believe me when I say I know how simple and easy this sounds, but I know from first-hand experience it can be. Once you’ve made a demand to have something change and you take action to change it, eventually it will change. It could be seconds, hours, days or weeks, but it will change. So, start to enjoy your life and relax knowing that you are, and always have been, miraculous.


If you have taken a Choice Of Possibilities class and would like to explore more about showing up in the world as the miracle you be and start changing the world with what you know join me for my upcoming telecall starting 1st April I’m A CFMW…Now What?