You're Just One Choice from Change!

access consciousness change choice Jul 18, 2020

I got to the awareness that my life was where it was at from all the choices I had made. This was a surprise because I thought my life was created based on everything that had happened to me. When I recognized my life was created based on my choices I started to ask, “What choices could I make today that would start moving my life in a different direction?”


You can make a choice and change something in your life by simply choosing something different.   If you think you don’t know how to choose, right now stand up or sit down. There you go, you just made a choice. People often ask “Why do I get stuck with choice?”. It’s not the choice you make, it’s what the choice creates. A lot of people will not make a different choice because they do not know what that choice will create. What if you didn’t have to know what your choices created before you chose them?


I used to wish that things would just change, I was always seeking something different and it wasn’t until I came across the tools of Access Consciousness® that I recognized that if I would like something to change I had to make a different choice. Change does not ever come without choice.


If you really would like to have something different start asking, “What one choice can I make in this moment that would create a different future for me?”


This is not about getting to the one choice so that you can figure out your whole life. It’s not finding the one choice to solve the problem, to fix it or getting someone else to do it for you. It’s about what one choice can I make to change the direction of this.


There is no right way to choose. You can talk to five different people that you see have created a phenomenal life and they will all have a different perspective of choice and how their choices got them to where they are today. This is one of the greatest gifts of choice. It does not discriminate between what’s a good choice or a bad choice, a right choice or a wrong choice. When you choose you start contributing to what you are asking for with that choice.


Choosing from the joy of choice is not this place where you go well that’s no joyful so I’m not choosing it.  When you do that you miss out on the unlimited possibilities of the universe that are actually available. When it comes to choice the universe is like a playground where there are no rules except those that you put upon yourself. You want to start to function from the exploration of, “What will this choice create?”


For anything that’s not working in your life or you can’t seem to get clear on, start asking “What’s the one choice I made that created this?” And then look at “Now what am I going to choose?” One of the things I do every morning when I wake up is ask who am I today and what would I like to create? You don’t have to choose based on yesterday, everyday is a new day with a new set of possibilities.