Getting to More of You

Episode #41

Who would you be if you stopped living your life based on judgement?

Brendon Watt discusses how to stop creating your reality based on your own judgements. Instead of believing you have to be and live a certain way because of how you want people to perceive you, just be you.

Listen to his views on removing self-judgement then ask yourself, how many judgements are you using to maintain the definition of you?

On today’s podcast:

  • Every time we judge ourselves we create a separation between us and us
  • If you had no judgement of you, who would you be?
  • We define ourselves based off of judgements so we can show up as something
  • You can not define what “being” is because “being” is everything
  • We think that the beauty of reality os predictability
  • Every time we define us, we confine us within that definition