#46 Creating the future you would like to have

Season #1

The wheels came off my life and the wagon crashed. When that happened I wanted to disappear from my life but I knew I had to get to something different to create the future I would like to have. I knew I would have to dig deep. 

So I asked “if I could create your life as anything, what would I like my life to be like?”

What I can say is, no matter what is going on it can change. I have lived this, especially in these last 7 months.

I share the steps that I took and the questions I asked but also what I discovered about myself along the way….

What would you like to be in this world and what would it take to create it?

This is part 4 of a 5-part series about facing a secret that was destroying my life. Stay tuned and listen to episodes 43-47 for the full series.