One Choice From Change

One Choice From Change

Hosted by: Brendon Watt

Welcome to One Choice From Change. A weekly podcast with Brendon Watt inviting you to get a sense of the dynamics of choice, the way that choice works and the way you can create your life based on what you're...


How Do I Create A Universe Of Choice?

Episode #36

How do you begin the universe of choice?Brendon shares an excerpt from his class on choice. Listen to learn how to stop doing things from the point of view of “right and wrong” and start getting the awareness and...
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Creating Beyond Relationship

Episode #35

What is creationship?The world requires a different possibility with sex and relationship right now. Brendon and Simone talk about relationships and working on their second book together.Listen to learn how to have a...
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Every Choice You Make

Episode #34

How many of you are trying to make the right choice? In a Choice of Possibilities class, Brendon talks about creating into the future based on the choices you make now.Listen to learn how you can get out of judgement,...
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Relationships! with Shannon O'Hara

Episode #33

If you deleted everything that you’ve ever learned or thought was true about relationships, what would you create?Brendon and Shannon talk about creating a relationship that expands your whole life into greater and...
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What Is Being & How Do I Receive?

Episode #32

How would your life change if you were willing to receive?Emily Russell interviews Brendon Watt about Access Bars and how it has changed his life. Listen to learn how to start receiving, acknowledging what’s true for...
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Choice of Possibilities with Grace Douglas

Episode #31

What choices could you make today that you haven’t been willing to make before? Grace Douglas and Brendon talk about showing up and choosing. Listen to learn how to have infinite choice and live your future in every...
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What Is Fear? with Shannon O'Hara

Episode #30

Can you imagine your life without fear? Shannon O’Hara and Brendon discuss one of the many distractor implants: fear. Listen to learn that fear isn’t what you think it is, and recognize how much easier would your life...
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Choosing Beyond Normal

Episode #29

Have you told yourself it’s too hard to be different?Brendon shares practical tools for choosing to go beyond normal.Listen to learn how to stop giving up the joy of you and start recognizing that the difference of...
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Clarity With Money with Shannon O'Hara

Episode #28

What would you like your reality with money to be? Shannon and Brendon share their realizations, tools, awarenesses, and choices they’ve made on their journeys with money. Listen to learn how to choose something...
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What Is The Gift Of You That You Have Never Seen

Episode #27

What if you weren’t wrong?Diva Diaz and Brendon talk about X-Men, those labeled with different disabilities such as ADHD and autism. Listen to learn how you can acknowledge a different possibility and the gift you...
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Choosing What's True For You with Sarah Watt

Episode #26

What creates lightness in your world?Sarah Watt and Brendon continue their discussion about choice and creation.Listen to learn how to choose without justification and without having to get it right and  get to a...
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This Is Me with Simone Milasas

Episode #25

What do you want to create as your life? What do you want to be? Brendon and Simone talk about the big ‘C’ word: choice. Listen to learn how to be present in your life, be in the question of what else is possible, and...
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