One Choice From Change

One Choice From Change

Hosted by: Brendon Watt

Welcome to Once Choice From Change. A weekly podcast with Brendon Watt inviting you to get a sense of the dynamics of choice, the way that choice works and the way you can create your life based on what you're...


Being Different with Dain Heer

Episode #24

Are you willing to choose to be different?Dr. Dain Heer and Brendon talk about how being different is being a contribution. Listen to learn how you can contribute to your life and to the lives of all the people on the...
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Let’s Cut to the Chase: Relationship/Single in Quarantine

Episode #23

What if you didn’t have a definition of what a relationship was supposed to be?Brendon and Simone chat with Justine McKell about creating a relationship right now (or not). Listen to learn how you can get out of...
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What if living was unpredictable?

Episode #22

What would you like to create your life as if you were not trying to get it right anymore? Diva Diaz joins Brendon Watt to talk about predictability with choice. Listen to learn how to choose with infinite...
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Creating A Future You Would Like To Live In

Episode #21

What if now was the time to create the future?Today, Sarah Watt and Brendon Watt talk about being in the question and choosing a future that you would like to live in. Listen to learn how you can stop trying to get it...
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No Counts with Emily Russell

Episode #20

What if you didn’t have the judgement you think you have?Today, Brendan talks with Emily Russell about the topic of one of his upcoming telecalls: “No-Counts.”Listen to learn what it means to be a no-count and have no...
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Is It Yours with Megan Hill

Episode #19

Have you decided everything that’s going on for you must be yours because you can think it and feel it? Today, Brendon is joined by Megan Hill to talk about how 98% of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions don’t...
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Happiness with Brendon Watt

Episode #18

What do you give your happiness up for? Today, Brendon is doing a solo show to talk about a topic that’s been coming up recently in his life and in the lives of those around him: happiness. Listen to learn how you can...
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Exposing You: Walking Naked As You Through The World

Episode #17

What if you took away everything you’ve defined as you?This episode is an excerpt from one of Brendon Watt’s classes called Exposing You: Walking Naked as You in the World. Listen to learn what it means to expose...
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Difference Is A Key Not A Curse

Episode #16

What difference do you have available to you?Today, Brendon Watt joins Shannon to talk about being different.Listen to learn how being different can actually be an advantage and a strength, even though it is not...
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Return of the Gentle-Man

Episode #15

What does it mean to be a gentleman? Today, Brendon is joined by Mark Kerr, Access Consciousness facilitator and Gents Club member. Listen to learn how to be a kindness and a gentle-man by being the best version of...
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A Wealthy Choice

Episode #14

Do you desire more? Dr. David Kubes joins Brendon Watt as they talk about their background and experience with wealth and money Listen to learn how David and Brendon changed things around and created wealth in their...
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Choice Creates Awareness

Episode #13

You don’t need to figure your life out. You just need to choose it.On the 7th Annual Global Bars Day, Brendon Watt and Simone Milasas are talking about choice. Listen to learn how to get out of judgement and start...
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