One Choice From Change

One Choice From Change

Hosted by: Brendon Watt

Welcome to One Choice From Change. A weekly podcast with Brendon Watt inviting you to get a sense of the dynamics of choice, the way that choice works and the way you can create your life based on what you're...


How Do You Begin A Universe Of Choice with Heather Nichols

Episode #12

If all of life was ease, joy, and glory, then what else could you create with it? Today, Brendon chats with Heather Nichols about choice. Listen to learn how you can open up a universe of choice and acknowledge your...
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Financial Creationship

Episode #11

What if your financial reality didn’t have to match anyone else’s? Today, Simone and Brendon, along with special guests Christopher Hughes andAndrew Butterfield, talk about creating a relationship with...
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Trust In YOU

Episode #10

What do you know that you know? Today, Brendon is joined by Emily Russell to talk about trusting in you and knowing you can handle anything you choose.Listen to learn how you can create beyond what you’ve decided you...
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You & Your Body

Episode #9

What if you could get to a place of joy with your body? Today, Brendon is joined by Soren Lassen to talk about bodies.Listen to learn how you can start listening to your body, get out of judgement, and begin choosing...
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Normal Is Boring

Episode #8

Are you choosing what’s true for you? Today, Susanna Mittermaier joins Brendon to talk about pragmatic psychology. Listen to learn how you can follow the navigation system of your own knowing and choose what’s light...
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Create Your Life

Episode #7

What choice can you make today that will change your life right away? Today, Brendon talks with Francesca Fiorentini, worldwide coordinator of Access Consciousness, about what it means to create your life. Listen to...
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What I Am Grateful For About My Relationships This Xmas

Episode #6

With the holiday season upon us, if you have a little stress coming up in your relationships, don’t worry, it’s only normal, but is any of it yours?On this episode, Brendon shares a class he did earlier this year...
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The Long Game With Choice

Episode #5

What one choice can you make today to start creating your future? Today, Shannon O’Hara joins Brendon to talk about one choice she made that changed the direction of her life. Listen to learn how you can stop being...
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The Choices That Create Your Life and Your Future

Episode #4

Are you living and creating what’s true for you? Today, Brendon talks to Kent Blazy, a country musician and songwriter who co-wrote Garth Brooks’ first #1 single, If Tomorrow Never Comes. Listen to hear the story of...
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Friendship with Simone Milasas

Episode #3

What if today you started creating a friendship with yourself?Simone Milasas joins Brendon today to talk about friendships. Listen to learn how you can create a friendship beyond this reality by getting out of...
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First Steps to Change

Episode #2

Is it time for a change in your life? Brendon and Diva talk about creating change with the tools of Access Consciousness. Listen to learn some of the basic tools and questions for you to see what’s true for you and...
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There Is More Than One Way To Choose

Episode #1

What if you were just one choice from change?On the first episode of Brendon’s new podcast, he chats with Diva Diaz, Sarah Watt, Susanna Mittermaier, David Kubes, and Simone Milasas about choice, how it’s worked for...
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